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Our Story

Continuum Partners, LLC was created in 1997 around a progressive idea that smart growth could actually lead to more profit. Because of the complexity of a real estate enterprise, Continuum recruited a broad base of experienced professionals from around the country to build its team. Together, this extraordinary group of people has completed an iconic portfolio of projects that have helped to reshape the way we think about our built environment in the United States. Today, Continuum’s mission remains the same as it was when it started; to create human habitats of extraordinary character and enduring value. With offices in Colorado and California and active projects throughout the western United States, Continuum has established itself as a national leader in large scale, mixed-use, urban projects.

Market Station Leed Gold Certification In Pursuit

LEED is a building certification program and the globally recognized standard for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings and neighborhoods.

Sustainable Sites

Market Station has provided Level II Electric Vehicle Station Equipment (EVSE) to serve building occupants with electric vehicles.

Water Efficiency

By installing water efficient flow and flush fixtures, Market Station has reduced its indoor water use by 34% compared with a baseline building. This is equivalent to an estimated 1,164,312 gallons saved annually.

Materials & Resources

Market Station has set a goal to divert a minimum of 75% of construction waste and demolition debris from landfills.

Energy & Atmosphere

Through LED lighting, high-performance glazing, and efficient HVAC systems, Market Station will save approximately 29% in energy cost savings.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Market Station chose to use low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the adhesives, sealants, paint, coatings, and flooring systems throughout the building. This reduces indoor air contaminates.

Denver, Colorado

Upon completion, 9+CO will bring the communities surrounding this site an important new commercial center within walking and biking distance of some of central Denver’s highest value residential neighborhoods.

Denver Union Station
Denver, Colorado

The Union Station Transit Center is the regions most important infrastructure project since the construction of the Denver International Airport. And Block A sits directly on the rail platform which connects these two transportation hubs.

Belmar Shopping District
Lakewood, Colorado

This $750 million project is the downtown of Lakewood, Colorado, home to 80 shops, 20 restaurants and more than 3,500 residents. As Colorado’s first wind-generated retail center, its urban wind farm generates 700-900 kilowatt hours of electric power per month.

“They are an extremely innovative group of folks. They have a great sense of community and getting things to fit in the community.”

Tom Clark, Executive Vice President, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, on Continuum Partners, as quoted in the Denver Post.
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